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Privacy Statement & Use of Personal Information
Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

The M Plastic Surgery is collecting your information for the following purposes:
- In order to register you as a member of The M Plastic Surgery and our affiliates and issue a member ID for you.
- In order to provide various services including delivery services. - In order to provide personalized services for you - In order to collect your feedback and other data regarding our services. - In order to inform you about new services and information

However, we will not collect any information that may infringe your personal rights.
Please refer to the below list of information we are collecting from you.

List of Personal Information Being Collected

In order to provide a variety of membership services, we are collecting the following information from you:
- Information Type: Name, birthday, gender, login ID, password, home phone number, home address, mobile phone number, email address, personal number, web service history, access log, cookies, access IP address, payment records
- How the Information is Collected: Through The M’s website (membership registration, message board and shopping mall)

How Long We Keep the Information

We will destroy all the information once the purpose set out above is fulfilled.
- Membership information: This is destroyed when the membership ends.
- Reservation information: This is destroyed when the appointment has expired but we will seek your approval if we need to keep it after that.